Our Food Choices

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We work closely with our suppliers to find the freshest products in the market. It's a complex process as many factors must be considered, but fortunately, we love what we do. Indeed. The quality can vary between years, seasons, or unexpected climate changes.

Today, fishing is at the center of many controversies caused by disrespectful and abusive behavior. One of our most critical challenges, along with quality, is respect. Our backyard is the sea, and we want to preserve it. We work closely with our suppliers to make sustainable and responsible decisions. We only work with seafood providers who have accomplished both United States and international recognition FSSC 22000 and ISO 14001 certifications.

NORI (Seaweed Paper)

Many people think that all seaweeds are created equal. But like rice, nori is a foundational ingredient. As with hand rolls, nori is the first ingredient to touch a taster's tongue. In its subtle way, it sets the stage for an exceptional tasting experience.

The best sushi chefs in the world know of nori's understated yet key role in creating a superior piece of sushi. In fact, in an exceptional piece of sushi, the nori is sometimes even more expensive than the fish itself. Connoisseurs of nori know that it can transform a recipe from mediocre to amazing!

Although countries like China and Korea also produce nori, the world's finest nori is produced in Ariake Bay, on the island of Kyushu in Southern Japan. The nori cultivated in these nutrient-rich waters, called Ariake nori, is highly prized and meticulously processed.

Like tea, nori is harvested in "flushes," with higher quality nori being harvested earlier in the season. Location, water temperature, currents, and mineral content all play a role in giving nori its unique taste.



When it comes to great hand rolls, the rice is obvioiusly crucial. The quality is very important as this is the dominant ingredient. Good rice must bring together many components such as the taste, the temperature, and the firmness. When you step back, it's a whole process starting from when the rice seedlings are planted, to when you taste it. The soil, the temperature, the humidity, the sun, and the water quality are some of the elements that can influence the final result. We work closely with our rice supplier to get the perfect rice quality according to our needs and the seasons.

The process of washing and cooking the rice is also very important for a good hand roll. In addition to that, the recipe must be precise and elaborate. Many people think that all seaweeds are created equal. But like rice, nori is a foundational ingredient.